Five On Friday

Five On Friday is a way to share Five things - on a Friday!  They can be connected, or not.  You could choose to share five quotes and say why they mean something to you, five pictures from your garden, five favourite flowers, five cakes, five anything that you like! 

You can join in at any time, you can post each week, monthly or just occasionally.  Whatever you want to do is fine.

There are only two requirements.   You must share five things, or say that you are taking five minutes to talk about one thing in more detail.  Also you must include a link back to my Five On Friday posts.

Link either with a hyperlink, by including the Five On Friday button in your post or adding a reference within your post to the button in your sidebar. If your post has no obvious link reference within your post I will ask you to add a link.  This is to be fair to everyone taking part.  It isn't fair for some to add a link, and others not to.

Please link only your Five On Friday post, not your whole blog.  Please link only one post.

Posts not following these guidelines will be removed.  Repeated disregard of these guidelines will result in your blog being blocked.  **

Posts which contain content which is inflammatory, rude, or nasty in any way will be deleted and if you do this repeatedly your blog will be blocked. **

The post containing the link up for you to join in will be published at 1 am UK time every Friday.  The link up remains open for entries until 11 pm UK time on Monday.

My own Five On Friday contribution will be in a separate post and I will link up in the same way as the other participants do.  I will post most weeks, but not every week as sometimes I will be busy.  I will try and come and visit and comment on as many posts as I can.  Some weeks I will not manage it, please forgive me.

You can find all of my Five On Friday posts and the link ups here.

To add the button, copy ALL of the code in the box below the picture and paste it into your own blog template or post.

Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML

Thank you for taking part!  I look forward to reading your posts.


Thank you Anne for your help with the first blog button.  It is greatly appreciated.

** - this is due to some people repeatedly disregarding the guidelines for Five On Friday and the unsavoury nature of some of the posts that have been linked.  It is not fair for some to disregard the guidelines when all others are following them.