Friday, 23 December 2016

Five On Friday

Five wishes to share today.






If we bear those in mind and give them out in abundance surely they will come back to us.  Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, if we all travel in life with these as our goals, just think how great a place the world could be.  They seem even more important to me at Christmas though.

So I wish all of these things for each and every one of you.  Today and every day.

Happy Christmas and much love to you all from the home that I love to the home that I hope you love!

I will see you in January.  So in the meantime, I hope that the rest of the year brings you peace and good times and that these will come to you in abundance in 2017.


Five On Friday Linkup Number 4

Happy Friday and Happy Christmas everyone!!!  This is the last Five On Friday for this year.  Thank you all so very much for taking part, joining in, reading and visiting and commenting and most of all for bearing with me during this difficult last few months.  I know that I and everyone else who takes part really appreciates it.

There will not be a Five On Friday link up next week, but we will return on the first Friday in 2017 which is the 6th of January.

My post is linked below.

Before signing off to wish you all a Happy Christmas, I want to say one more thing.  It is Christmas in two days, even if you do not celebrate there will be or will have been a lot going on in your life, so this week, if we don't comment well so be it.  Let us all be honest we are very busy and might pop by over the next two weeks to read each others posts but may not comment and that is OK!  I am being honest here, I will not have time for comments, but I am looking forward in the days after Christmas to snuggling up with my computer and doing some blog reading so I will enjoy your posts then.

That leaves me nothing more to say than to wish you a very Happy Christmas, a prosperous and healthy and happy New Year.  I hope that all good things and only good things come your way in 2017 and that whatever troubles you have had this year will all be left behind.  I thank you for your kindness and goodness and support, and return it to you many times in my heart and my thoughts even if I don't always get the words to you.

Let us hope and if you are inclined to pray that good things come to us all next year and let us also be thankful for all of the blessings in our lives no matter how big, or more importantly, how small they are.


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Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Card Swap 2016

Happy Christmas everyone!!!

I hope that you have been enjoying your Christmas Card Swaps and that cards have been winging their way around the globe sharing some Christmas love.

This is your opportunity to share the card that you received with the rest of us.  Simply write a blog post, include a photo of your card and link the post below and then we can all come round and see you and say Happy Christmas!

Thank you to everyone who took part, thank you so much for joining in!


For one and all!

Best wishes for a great 2017!!!


p.s. I didn't do the twinkly things or the snowflakes, they are old pictures and blogger made them twinkle some years ago!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Final visit to Basildon Park for Christmas

Today I have the final grouping of photos that I have to share from this years Christmas at Basildon Park.  I hope you have enjoying coming along and seeing what the house looks like.

I hope you are enjoying a peaceful Advent.


p.s. just to clarify and in case you are new here to my blog, I am a volunteer Tour Guide at Basildon Park, they know that I exist (because I work there!), but I post about it because I want to, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Five On Friday

Five On Friday today is taking five for a look around at our Christmas decorations!  I hope you enjoy seeing them.  The shots of the mantel specially for one dear blogging friend - Mamas Mercantile.  We share a love of sideways photos of our decorated mantel!

Happy snowmen and little softie friends!

The most important decoration of all for me.

I take any opportunity to decorate any sort of shelf!

The tree, which I have just realised is without its lights!  I will share a with lights picture on Instagram, it looks cheerier with lights!

Another shelf decorated, this time with the village of the wooden folk!

Ta Dah!  The mantel in all its glory.  Crochet tree bunting by me a couple of years ago.

The special sideways shot!

More bunting.  Again made by me a couple of years ago.

This is the advent calendar that I have been opening on IG with you each day.

That is all!  Hope you enjoyed having a look around with me.

A quick catch up with other news....  Things with Man are still occupying all of my time right now (mentally if not physically) and as I am sure those who I have overshared and overburdened with it told all about it will attest you really don't want to hear about it!  Man is on a steady decline, nothing dramatic, but no great improvement either.  It is family all of the other stuff that is taking my time and energy.

A very minor amount of Christmas shopping - very minor.  I have one more thing to get.  Hubby wants a warning triangle for his car.  That has to qualify as the most unusual Christmas present I have ever bought!  He may or may not get it.

A very small amount of Christmas card sending, I just haven't had the wherewithal for more.  I have been lucky enough to receive some lovely cards though so have enjoyed putting them up and looking at them.  Thank you if you have sent me a card, you are so very kind - and I really mean that even if it is a collective statement.  I think I have e-mailed you too to say thank you.  On Wednesday I shared a collective Christmas Card to you all, I do hope you have seen it!!

I did also order the Turkey from M&S - a la Audrey from The Good Life if you are of the vintage to understand that reference - but I didn't order the rest of Christmas to go with it, so this still has to be obtained.  I plan to get all of the non perishables today and will then probably go on Thursday next week to get the rest, close enough to Christmas, but not too close to be too crazy - I hope!

Decorations are as up as they are going to be.  As you will have already seen!

Parcels are - amazingly - wrapped as I took a day off this week because of my darned teeth playing up again so I used the time to wrap presents.  That was a big job, but well done so I just have the labels to do now.

That is it really, nothing is happening in a fun or interesting way.  I have continued to share my advent calendar opening on Instagram if you are interested and a few other random pictures here and there.  No time for much else, but I expect that many of you feel the same this time of year.

My thoughts for blogging are to enjoy your posts today and then look forward to Monday when we have the sharing of the cards post from the Christmas Card Swap - there will be a link up post appearing for you to link your posts - and I am looking forward to that.  I am sorry that I wasn't the best swap host this year, I have plans to do better next year!  Actual plans by the way!

Then I will be doing a last post of the year probably next Friday for the last Five On Friday of the year and I will then return in January, for Five On Friday on the 6th if not before.  I expect that I will be in good company with many of you in that plan.  Over Christmas and New Year I am hoping for family time with my family, reading time on my own, crochet time with some films on the TV and some relaxing and lovely time with Hubby.

One thing that has crossed my mind is to consider some New Years Resolutions.  I am not generally a fan, but I think that 2017 might be the year.  If I do get round to doing some more thought on this I will share it in January.  I could do with some new beginnings.

In case you are overrun like me, and may not get chance to stop by again this year, I wanted to sign off by wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas, hopes for all of the best things for the New Year.  I hope that Christmas and 2017 bring only wonderful happy and lovely things your way.  I also want to offer you my thanks for the caring, love and support and your staying power and the kindness that that portrays more than anything this year.  I hope you know you mean a lot to me, but in case you didn't know, here I am saying it.  Thank you.  You are great and I am grateful!

For the rest of you I will see you on Monday and next Friday!

Have a great weekend and a great week ahead.


Oops, I nearly forgot to say, you can find all of the other Five On Friday posts on the link post here.

Five On Friday Linkup Number 3

Welcome once again to Five On Friday, it is good to see you.

My post will be linked below.

Next week will be the last link up for the year, I know that it is close to Christmas, but I thought I would do the link anyway for anyone who wanted to join in.

Happy Friday!

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A Christmas Card

Hello Everyone!

This is my Christmas Card to you all.

I send it with love and best wishes and hopes that you have a wonderful and happy and joyful Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza or any other holiday that you do or do not celebrate! 

It is also my hope that you will have a very good New Year and that 2017 will bring you all of the very best things and only the very best things. 

Thank you for all that you have bought to my life, the joy, friendship, happiness and support that you have given me.  Although I cannot send you all a card to say that individually, I really do mean it and am sending that wish and hope and thanks to each and every one of you in the most heartfelt way.

Happy Christmas and New Year!
⛄ ⛄ ⛄ ⛄
❆ ❆ ❆ ❆

If you joined in the Christmas Card Swap there will be a link up post on Monday 19th to share your cards.


p.s. sorry that I haven't returned cards to those of you who have very very kindly sent me one.  Thank you so very much for your cards, I think that I have managed to e-mail you all individually, but if I haven't I am sorry an e-mail will be coming very soon!  This year I have managed cards for my parents, and sibling and grandmother and that is it!  I hope you will forgive me and understand, it is a difficult time right now as you know, but I hope to be back to full strength next year.  Thank you for your kindness.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

More Christmas at Basildon Park

As I said last Sunday, I am not doing any Advent posts this year.  Instead I am sharing the photos that I have taken this year at Basildon Park.

Enjoy this weeks selection!

I hope you are enjoying a peaceful Advent.


p.s. just to clarify and in case you are new here to my blog, I am a volunteer Tour Guide at Basildon Park, they know that I exist (because I work there!), but I post about it because I want to, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Five On Friday

I am still working on Christmassy things, so I don't have Christmas to share with you today, but, I do have wonderful candlelight and thoughts of light to bring light and hope to us all.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

Martin Luther King Jr.

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."


"May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out."

J R R Tolkein

"We've all got both light and dark inside us.  What matters is the part we choose to act on.  That's who we really are."

J K Rowling

"How far that little candle throws his beams!  So shines a good deed in a weary world."

William Shakespeare

I leave you with a sneaky sixth quote....

"Love shine a light, in every corner of the world"

Kimberley Rew

I am, of course, linking with Five On Friday, you can find the link up here and enjoy everyone elses posts there too.

Happy Friday everyone.  I wish you all light and joy and hopes for a great weekend!


Five on Friday Link Up Number 2

Thank you all for joining in last week once again.  I am sorry for the slight glitch with the display of the links, I think that I have returned it to the usual format this week!  I hope that it didn't stop anyone from visiting any of the posts.  We had a great 24 participants in the end, and I hope that now you know that Five On Friday will always be a regular feature more of you will start to join in again.

My post is separate and will be linked up below.

Thank you again, I look forward to reading and visiting your posts.

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