Friday, 30 October 2015

Five On Friday

Happy Five On Friday Halloween!

Today there are five - mostly - Halloween things to share with you, but not in any kind of scary way.  Don't do scary in our house!  At any time of year.  Except for being scared of spiders (me) and overly gritty detective shows (hubby).


Thank you for the lovely comments about the new picture shelves, we are very pleased with them, glad you like them too!  Of course they are totally there for the pictures, ahem, but that doesn't mean that I can't do a little decorating does it!  Some pumpkin twinkle lights really add a lovely touch don't they....


Pumpkins galore.  Not as many as I have because I left the paper ones in the decorations box this year.  Oh, and I forgot to get a picture of the terracotta one in the garden.  Still, quite a few pumpkins around and about.  All ones that are least trying to smile.  I cannot have grumpy pumpkins.

See, they are all trying to smile!


We have a lot going on at work that I can reveal to you next week - very excited about it! - but I cannot tell you yet.  So Halloween has been a little lighter on the ground this year.  There is a trail of potions for the children to look for - jars of cold beans and the like! - and a few decorations.  I only snapped the witch trying to play the piano.


In the half light in the dining room at work, before the blinds were up, I managed to get a good spooky picture of the large mirror on the wall.  In the sunlight it looks like a fairly ordinary, albeit old and rather marked mirror.  The lines are from where the silvering was applied to the back to make it into a mirror many years ago.

In the half dark though it had some good reflections and you could see that it looked really kind of grey.  Officially we don't have any ghosts at work, but things have been seen and heard and I remember one lady insisting one day that this mirror was a picture because she could see a picture in it - not just the reflection!  I don't think that it is the Mirror of Erised though.


A totally gratuitous cactus shot!  I told you I would keep you updated on progress.  This was yesterday afternoon.  Isn't she looking beautiful.  Excuse the back end of the wooden wildebeest that jumped into the picture.

Thank you for all of your comments yesterday.  I knew that I wasn't thinking anything so bad, but as you know, I am a worrier and because of the situation....  Anyway, thank you, I am glad that we are on the same - apparently totally normal! - page.

That is it for Five On Friday today.  I hope that you all have a fun - and non scary and totally pleasant - Halloween tomorrow  or that you can successfully avoid it if you prefer as I know that it isn't for everyone.

I hope that you have a great rest of your weekend too.  If you have time, please pop by and read some other Five On Friday posts and let them know you have been by leaving a comment if you can.

Happy Friday!


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  1. Great Halloween decoration...
    In my home the living spiders made really webs enough and I decided not to remove them, only after Halloween... ;-)
    Your cactus is very bautiful in bloom.
    Have a nice weekend

  2. Hi Amy, I was organised this week. And share a YES, Halloween post :) I have nothing in my home that shouts Halloween this year, its all quiet due to work load, no cooking or baking either. I am loving your terracota candle holder style pumpkins espcialy and that witch is pretty awesome - look forward to hearing more about that and the spooky going on at the place you work -its got me intrigued. Have a safe weekend

  3. Fantastic pumpkins, and a butternut squash as well, brilliant! I love the mirror shot with the reflection of the ceiling. I hope you have a good Hallowe'en Amy, and a lovely weekend. CJ xx

  4. Not much Halloween decorating here with everything going on so good to see your decorations. I did carve a pumpkin yesterday.

  5. Oooo love the head in the mirror, very spooky! Your house is all beautifully decorated as I've come to expect. Have a great weekend. x

  6. Lovely smiling pumpkins, Amy. That mirror does look very strange!

  7. What great pumpkin lights, and I love all your ceramic, smiling pumpkins Amy. Happy Halloween!

  8. The mirror looks very spooky indeed. And cool, too. Happy Halloween Amy. (I'll try to join in the Five on Friday again soon.)

  9. Love your Halloween decorations and the smiley pumpkins. The face in the mirror is very spooky. Have a great weekend:)

  10. Hi Amy,
    I love all of your cute sign and pumpkins. Thanks for hosting the fun party and wishing you a Happy Halloween!
    Julie xo

  11. Happy Halloween. Splendid pumpkins.

  12. What fab decorations. I must admit that I don't do so much for Halloween now that the kids have grown up, not sure we'll even get many trick or treaters round tomorrow as the community bonfire and firework display is happening. I remember the days when bonfire night was on 5th of November, now it seems to start in October and goes on right until after the new year.

  13. We're thinking alike on this one - we don't do scary pumpkins either (see mine on my post!). That mirror picture is brilliant! Happy un-scary Halloween! xCathy

  14. I don't visit your blog often enough - so, when i get here i read several posts at once - ya know . . EVERYTHING about your blog is Enchanting. Thank You Very Much.

  15. All lovely things, your five!

  16. Love how the lights are twinkling off the black pumpkin!

    Your "Christmas" cactus is BEAUTIFUL!

  17. I'm with you Hon - I don't like anything too creepy. I love what you have done to decorate, though, and just love those shelves too!! So cool! ;)
    I love the work shots too - that mirror really brings out ones imagination.

    Happy Halloween my Friend! Thanks for hosting and have a lovely, and relatively spook free, weekend. xoxo

  18. I've never really done truly scary Halloween either. The kids that come around are so young and I've found that even a slightly sinister-looking pumpkin frightens them at the door. You have a nice selection of friendly pumpkins Amy! That mirror does look rather ghostly ... what a shame that there isn't a resident ghost at Basildon. I thought all grand homes had at least one sad spirit. Happy Halloween!

  19. Great pumpkins and love your wonderful Christmas cactus!

  20. Your Halloween decorations are wonderful! And I love that photo of the reflections in the mirror...yes, very ethereal! And that Christmas cactus is blooming up a storm! Gorgeous!

  21. Great Halloween decorations! Wishing you a fab time tomorrow!

    Madelief x

  22. We only sort of do Halloween here in Oz, but your pumpkins are great. The mirror is intrigueing and I would love 'it' to be able to tell it's own story. Could be fascinating. Happy Halloween and take care.

  23. It looks so nice! I love the shelves and that mirror!
    Your cactus is gorgeous!

  24. I didn't decorate for Halloween this year but I think it adds a bit of fun and whimsy to the home. The Christmas cactus looks so pretty in full bloom.
    xx Beca

  25. Hi Amy! Loved your five and Halloween is so much fun. You have some cute little pumpkins! Thank you for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. I had a string of similar Halloween pumpkin lights that I loved. I went to plug them in this year and they didn't work! I'm sure just a bulb needs replacing but I was too lazy to figure out which bulb it was, lol. So I put them in the donate bag. Your Christmas cactus is so beautiful! I have one and it rarely blooms - and it never gets as many blooms as yours. I've asked other people, what is their secret, and they don't have one! Do you? I have mine in front of a window that gets filtered light, I keep it watered (but not TOO watered) and I occasionally mist it, too. Have a great weekend!

  27. You are so festive! How much fun your kids must be having! =) I have been meaning to write a post to join in on Five on Friday Amy, but my thoughts just haven't been running in lists as of late. A bit more reflective. But I love peeking in to see what everyone else is doing! What a lovely little community here! Thank you so much for taking the time to organize the link up!

  28. Just dropping by to say 'hello'. It's good to be back blogging and catching up with your news. As always wishing you well and hoping you have a very peaceful weekend and a good November.

  29. That's a lot of Halloween and smiling pumpkins :) those lights are fab and the cactus is looking beautiful. Thanks for hosting x

  30. You have lots of fun pumpkins, Amy! The mirror picture is quite eerie isn't it! Great photo!
    Have a fun weekend and thanks for hosting!

  31. Love your decorations Amy and that face does look eerie. Joan at

  32. I am always in awe of people who decorate so festively. I really liked the pattern of the ghost at work. We have a ghost at my work but he is friendly. I hope you enjoyed seeing all the haunters out last night. Boo. Beckie

  33. Gosh your cactus has come on since last I checked in. Beautiful x

  34. Hello the lovely Amy! Not many spooky goings on here, my little ones don't like it, which suits me but I am a little smitten with the witch playing the piano! Jo xx

  35. Cute Halloween decor, Amy!

    I hope all your troubles work out as far as the other situation. Sometimes, you just need to say enough and deal with the circumstances after the cards fall (so to speak), because it's more important to be healthy.


  36. Sorry to have missed Five on Friday this week. Love the black pumpkin.

  37. Hope you had a Happy Halloween Amy! Your decorations all look bright and fun and not scary, just how I like it too! Wishing you a happy November.
    Helen xox

  38. Love your decorations! We had bits and bobs about the place here. I wore sparkly devil's horns to greet the trick or treaters but frightened the life out of the cat so had to remove them!


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