Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Eyam Hall

When visiting the village of Eyam in The Peak District in September I was surprised to find that there was also a National Trust property to visit.  Eyam Hall.

It is a very interesting place to visit that has only been passed to the National Trust's care fairly recently.

I thought that you might like a little - mainly photographic! - tour today.

This is the outside which is quite plain, but very pretty.  Inside there are many interesting details such as this interesting Arts and Crafts style fire surround.

The very large, but welcoming and homely entrance hall.


I loved the Dining Room best of all.  Incredible china, lots of portraits, wonderful silver and a beautifully laid table that you could just imagine sitting down to eat at.

These meat dish covers were incredible, so enormous.  Can you imagine the weight of the platter with a large joint of meat and then topped off with one of these covers!  I should think that you would need two people to carry it!

From the Dining Room we continued to the Kitchen, passing by some more lovely china and an array of mincers.....  Just what everyone needs?


Ugghh, Tripe!  If you don't know what this is, trust me, don't investigate, you really don't want to know!

The kitchen was also fascinating with so many interesting details to see.  A place of lots of hard work though and not a relaxing place to be as it might nowadays be.

Then we went upstairs.  Isn't this stair carpet incredible....  I don't actually think it is that old because I remember my parents moving to a house some 30 years ago and having something quite similar!  Because the house was lived in by the family until quite recently there are many more modern touches.  Apparently a lot of their furniture came from Ikea - they took it with them! - and there are modern bathrooms too.

There was a wonderful nursery with lots of wonderful toys including this incredible dolls house.

If you click on the picture above you can read more about these wonderful embroidery samples.  They are so beautiful, the work is incredible.

This is the master bedroom - rather too full of people to get many photos - but the bed was fascinating.  Again there were more modern touches with John Lewis - a department store - curtains hanging at the windows apparently.

I find these messages scratched into windows fascinating and I love to see them.  Perhaps one day I will leave one scratched into one of our houses windows.  Not sure what hubby would make of that....

So many incredible carved details all over the house.  I loved these parts of the staircase with the hearts carved into them.

One of the bedrooms was entirely lined with these very detailed tapestries.  It was incredible to see a whole room covered in them.

I adored this case of jewellery, there were many beautiful things, but the large emerald ring - below - really caught my eye.  I could just imagine wearing that!

We went down a different staircase with different carved details and out on our way to the garden.

Then we had a last look again at the front of the house and the incredible lead gutter pipes.  Can you imagine producing something like this nowadays for our homes.

While visiting the house I hadn't been able to get far enough away without lots of people to get a good photo, but as we were walking past again after our walk around the village I managed to take another photo through the gates.

It was a very interesting house to visit and I would thoroughly recommend it.  There is also a craft centre in the courtyard/stableyard area with some lovely shops making various handcrafted items.  This is also well worth a visit.  So if you are going to Eyam, do stop in and see the Hall.  You can find out more information here.

Hope you had a nice walk around today!



  1. What a lovely place, it's like seeing downton, can just imagine what it was like.
    great picturexx

  2. Good Morning Amy, What a fabulous tour of Eyam Hall. Do you know I remember my grandmother, Ivy, used to have a mincer very similar to the ones you showed. It used to be clamped onto the kitchen table and after a Sunday roast, if there was any meat left over, she would put the meat through the mincer and it would be put into cold storage..... yes before fridges..... and she would make a shepherds pie with it on a Monday.
    I loved the embroidery samplers they were gorgeous.
    Best Wishes

  3. I enjoyed seeing inside the hall, we couldn't go in when we visited Eyam recently because we had Archie with us. I love to see the tables laid in properties like this, it gives a real flavour of what the house was actually like when lived in.

  4. The kitchen is so fun to look at! I loved my tour, good Amy!

  5. Fantastic tour, Amy with so many wonders to see! I loved the kitchen & bakeware as well as the embroidery work. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a beautiful place, I always enjoy the kitchens. Imagine standing on those stone floors all day though.

  7. I love the look of this place Amy. The glimpse of the gardens is intriguing too.

  8. You really notice the detail Amy, you can tell you do historic house tours professionally. The embroidery particularly caught my eye, what exquisite work.

  9. so so fancy, love the lights, china, & the doors. very cool tour. ( ;

  10. Yet another lovely post, I love looking at old kitchens and that lion looked rather dashing too.maria xx

  11. Having stood on those entrance steps and gazed through the wrought iron gate when I was a child, I was delighted to finally gain admittance to Eyam Hall a couple of years ago when it first opened, and it did not disappoint.

  12. I just loved following along with you looking at this house! Wow! I love the history oozing out of everything. The lion photo was so elegant! I want a life-size lion reclining in MY garden! LOL! Also the big carved bed.. wow. Thanks for sharing this with us. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Thank you for another great tour. What a beautiful house - those embroidery samples, those tapestries, those toys!! Fascinating insight to a time gone by.
    Caz xx

  14. Thank you, Amy, for such a lovely tour of a wonderful house. The servants bells remind me of those at the beginning of Downton Abbey, and the stair carpet must surely be from the 1960s. I remember one which was shown on TV in those days, I think it was a prize for a TV show, and it was a series of 'boxes' in which there were various flowers, it was quite beautiful (if you like a patterned carpet). Such patterns were very popular in the 1960s and 1970s. I think Brintons made them, also Crossley Carpets (not Kosset, which were at the cheaper end of carpet manufacture.)
    This is the sort of house which just cries out for a suitable 'story' so that it can be used as a location! Wonderful tapestries, too (the best ones I know are in Cotehele (NT) in Cornwall) and I love the stone lion outside (I presume he's stone and not Coade Stone?)
    Indeed, a super tour, just the sort of post I really enjoy!
    Margaret P

  15. What a lovely place with bags of interesting things to see. I particularly like the mincers, the bedcover and the embroideries, aren't they wonderful. x

  16. What a wonderful place Amy. So many interesting things to see. Just love it.

  17. Hey Amy,
    What an absolutely charming place. The mincers were rather good ;)) I just love the way your eye picked out all the details. Obviously the kitchen was my favourite. I do love a preserved NT kitchen.
    Leanne xx

  18. Wonderful post with so many interesting details. I especially liked the kitchen and the nursery. And I know what tripe is, we even have the same meal under a surprisingly similar name. People claim it to be delicious, I have no intention of checking it out.

  19. Oh my goodness Amy, what a wonderful tour! Thank you for showing us this amazing place.

  20. Lovely tour. I particularly like the children's toys and the embroidery.

  21. It looks amazing, Amy. :o)

  22. We've been to other villages near and around Eyam but have never visited Eyam itself. We really should. I'd love to have a look round this house, especially that room with wonderful tapestries. That must be amazing to see! X

  23. That was a very interesting tour......thanks for taking us along!


  24. What wonderful home someone has had for a long number of years. I love all the worn details ... the tapestries, the kitchen fireplace & well-used rocking chair and the very solid-looking banister. It looks in very good repair for only having recently been taken over by the NT. Loved this one :)

  25. Our visit was specifically in order to feature 'Eyam the Plague Village' and we didn't have time for the hall. I can see that we missed a treat - it looks fabulously interesting. And i agree with you about the stair carpet - I'm sure I remember one similar to that, except that it didn't extend right across the treads.


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